Are You A Late Bloomer?

Blossoming later in life – is it possible? Short answer – of course! First of all, what is a late bloomer? In a nutshell, a late bloomer is someone whose talents and giftings are not visible to others until later than usual. It happens for many reasons. It could be an attention deficit disorder matter, or it could be the result of a traumatic experience which in turn stunted emotional and intellectual growth. Other effects could be slow or minimal progress. On the flip side, blossoming later in life could be your ordained path. Not that anything’s wrong with you – it may just be the customized course you’re to travel. There are tons of people who’ve blossomed later in life and for the most part — it had nothing to do with the absence of prescribed preparation but definitely everything to do with divine timing.

Let’s look at these examples:

  • Abraham was 75 when God called him out of his father’s house
  • God made him the father of many nations
  • His posterity would live on forever
  • Sarah laughed when she thought about getting pregnant
  • Sarah 90, Abraham 100

Elizabeth, for years had prayed for a child

  • The angel appeared to Zechariah in the temple and told him that Elizabeth would become pregnant
  • Zechariah thought it was impossible and so God shut his mouth temporarily until Elizabeth gave birth
  • Research says Elizabeth was probably around 60 years old when she gave birth to John the Baptist
  • Moses was 80 years old when he was chosen to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt
  • Caleb was 45 years old when he received the promise about Canaan (the place of abundance and enrichment); he was 85 when he finally got there

I know you’re thinking that was then, what about now?

Well, let’s look at some modern day examples:

  • Laura Ingalls, the author of Little House on the Prairie was 43 when she started writing. She was 65 when her book was published. She didn’t let age stop the unveiling of her talents
  • Susan Boyle’s singing career took off at the age of 47 after her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. She defied the criticisms and now her album is one of the best-selling of all time in the U.K.
  • The founder of the famous burger joint, McDonald’s was 52 years old when he started the business
  • The founder of Honda was 42 years old when he started
  • Colonel Sanders was 65 when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Julia Childs was 49 when she wrote her 1st cookbook

And myself, I’m Pam Reece, 55 years young!

  • I love writing so much; I love empowering people
  • At the age of 55, I’m relaunching my book, “I Chose the Good”
  • And, there’s more that I’ve created that’s soon to come down the pipeline

So…what am I saying?

  • The world may have written you off as the underdog, the ugly duckling, the old geezer, the misfit, the one who hasn’t done anything with life BUT DON’T AGREE THEM.
  • If you’re not dead, then you have time to start a business, write a book, create a screen play, get married, travel the world, do public speaking, become a mentor, be an artist – the possibilities are endless

So…you ask, ‘how do I get from point A to B? Good question! Glad you asked!

  • Agree that it’s not too late. Yes, that’s the first hurdle to overcome. It’s a true saying that we are own worst enemy. We build expected timelines for life’s goals and it’s a good thing – except for the fact that if we don’t meet those expectations within the self-determined timeframe, we feel like we’ve failed. Maybe you’ve done the opposite and have done nothing due to the throes of life. Perhaps it was a trauma you dealt with that set you back a few years, decades – and you’re 55 years old and you think it’s too late. Whoever said that if you haven’t attained certain goals by a certain age you’re to call it quits? It’s your life, your dream. You determine what you want to accomplish. You’re the driver in this thing called destiny. If 70 and 80 year-old people are going back to school to get their high school diplomas and college degrees, or are running the marathon, then you can attain your dream too.
  • Get away from the naysayers! Yes, fire them all! I’m not saying to never talk to them anymore, but you need to be around positive people who are traveling on the same road. You need friends that will hear your idea and encourage you to go for your dreams. Naysayers are negative. They’ll tell you it’s too late; or, you haven’t counted the cost; or you’re crazy.
  • Make a short list of what you want to accomplish in the next 30 days – and each day work that list. This is very important! Without a framework or written down goals, you’re just ‘willy-nilly!’ Which means you’re all over the place. Fired up one day and the next week you’re at ground zero. A short list of goals you want to achieve in the next 30 days – provided you review and tackle an item on a daily basis will help you get closer to your longer-term goals.
  • Get an accountability partner to keep you on track –- someone that believes in you and won’t discourage you. This point is key. You may consider a mentor – you know someone that’s been on the path where you’re going and can give you sound but proven advice on how to accomplish your dream. Mentors will keep you in check on a time-line so you don’t miss your goals.
  • Keep moving forward. This one bullet is super-important because there will be many distractions that will try to get you off track and even discourage you that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. But here’s something to keep in mind. Every dream, desire and goal comes with distractions and challenges to get you in a tizz so that you’ll throw in the towel and quit. That’s their sole purpose. Hear me now! There’s no sense of accomplishment, or triumph if there’s no challenge. It just comes with the package. The finished product or finishing line is so sweet – provided you persevere!
  • Here’s something to sober you up and bring this message all the way home: Why keep it to yourself? Share your gift with the world because the world needs what you have. There’s so much untapped potential and talent in cemeteries everywhere. Authors, songwriters, singers, artists, dancers, journalists, CEOs, world changers – you name it! Tons of them are in the grave. The world never experienced their gift. Please don’t let your gifting pile up in the graveyard too! Visualize this: you’re 85 years old, sitting on your front porch sipping iced tea on a hot summer day. You’re looking back over your life. You should be smiling rather than having feelings of regret. Just one of your gifts to the world could save someone’s life or provide amazing breakthrough because you took the plunge and fulfilled your God-given dream.

And last, Phil 4:13 in The Passion Translation: “I find the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty.”

Erase all your doubts and replace them with – I can do it, I will do it, I find the strength. You don’t want any regrets. And…don’t rob yourself of the fulfillment that God has for you!

Giant in you awaken – time to bust a move!

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